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I don't know why I get so sentimental over this game.

so charming!!! a very cute, quick game <3

My favorites are Neko-chan and Inu-chan! Followed by Usagi-chan. Not surprisingly, I was reading it and found myself thinking a) the animal names in english and b) responses to the animals in Japanes

Thank you for this quick and relaxing game :)

I love this game and I don't even know why.

10/10 -IGN


Very cute game! I wish there was yomigana to help me practice reading, but as it is it also is a nice way to practice reading Japanese with English translation :)


(googles ningen)

Unusual but very cute hehe

The squirrel is my favorite!

fren~ i luff u 


extra ! Wow! I loved it! thx

inu-chan is so talented




I love how you just squish them.


haha I love the little sounds each of the animals make. So cute! 


I have no idea what this is, but it was really funny

Wow! I loved it!

Such a cute game! It made me feel really happy while playing it <3 particularly liked the sounds of the snake <3


this is a fantastic game and its only failure is that i cannot pet and squish the helpful bird


Wow this is way adorable and also... kinda... weird? It was really cute nonetheless and so relaxing ´v`

Arigatou, ningen-san who made this game!

This is my favorite game

I am both uncomfortable and relieved of any stress at the same time.. it's like having those food squishies.. but without the scent of an artificial cake


Arigatou, Ningen-san! is a mixture of relaxing, cute, and unsettling. You have to bend and warp your animal friends (at their request) to relax and win them over. I couldn't stop laughing with every new animal encounter. Like someone else already said, it's worth mentioning that you have to squish them for a little bit longer than you would expect. Very fun!

the little animations are sooo funny and i love the sound the snake makes CX soo cute


This is the greatest game of all time and if I could upload my consciousness and live inside of it I would.

fun short game. oddly stress relieving. made me giggle from the sounds and animations.


Very cute game with unique Japanese humor in it. I enjoyed the experience because it was funny and relaxing at the same time. I loved to read both languages together. 

It is so peaceful but made me laugh a lot. I love it!


a very cute and chill game to play. 


This is possibly the world's cutest body horror.


A really cute and relaxing game. I want to take all of the animals home with me! The artwork is really great too.


Please! I want to give that helping little birdie a really good massage, too!


This game is super cute! It was a good stress reduction game


It was quite fun and charming, but the amount of effort required to satisfy all these buddies was a little more than i was expecting!